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Antique furniture reparation

Culture fortune which has been made by our ancestors during centuries, located in museums, galleries and on castles, is usually well preserved.

Antique furniture and other products, preserved in our homes, is not just for commemoration of our grandmothers but also still used pieces. Whole rooms of antique furniture or just separate pieces like chest, wardrobes, chairs, tables, reliefs, sculptures, etc. decorate our house and together with modern furniture create our homes. They must survive in different biological climates and must be resistant to all mechanical damages in our houses. This is also cultural fortune and it deserves to be preserved for our successors in good conditions. The furniture is mostly handmade without using any machines and till now we are impressed by its shapes and its functionality. It is very common that cabinetmaker made all parts of iron work with just basic knowledge of ironwork and it is still functions.

Preservation of antique part of the furniture is different from preservation of modern furniture. Unsuitable placement or maintenance can cause serious damages. Surface layers which give the furniture shine is usually made from natural schellac polish and is very sensitive for damaging by detergents, water, alcohol and mechanical damage.

The sense of reparation is that repaired piece cannot lose its historic value and outlook. It means that reparation must be the least visible and all parts must be replaced by using traditional technologies and materials.